Friday, March 2, 2012

Laneige 2012春季最新產品試用 WhitePlus Renew Purifying Mask

Laneige 2012春季最新產品試用 WhitePlus Renew Purifying Mask

今次最新的產品是:WhitePlus Renew Purifying Mask


 質地有點厚實, 不太易推。



  • Juan Lo  i just tried it tonight.
    It feels very much like my deep cleansing mask.
  • so is it good? btw wht deep cleansing mask u're using?

  • Juan Lo i used once only. can't see magical whitening effect, but feels like it did remove dead cells.
  • Juan Lo Biologie Pierre Boutigny
  • i feel it really can purify my skin..if i keep to use, i believe whitening effect can be seen!
  • Biologie Pierre Boutigny where can buy? and from which country?

  • Juan Lo how is purifying?

  • Juan Lo i buy through an auntie who do facial for me.
  • actually i used it during my shower time! i put it on my face and last it for around 10 mins, when i wash, i feel some "dirt"/ dead skin out of my skin! and i dont feel dry!! so it's good=p

  • Juan Lo wow.
    let me try it next time in shower.
    but not dry is true.

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